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Letter: Poem written after 9/11 reverberates today

By Staff | Sep 10, 2021

I wrote this poem twenty years ago, just after the tragedies of 9/11. I still feel these words serve a purpose in the world today.

“What makes us strong,

what makes us weak,

what gives us pause

to stop and think?

What hidden force

controls the minds

and shields the eyes

of some mankind?

What can it be

that we all feel

an unknown pull-

so very real.

The reality of

a world- forever changed

as wars rage on

within our brains.

How did it start,

does it ever end?

We hope, we pray

for God to send…

the comfort

that we all need

to soothe our thoughts

and feed our hearts.

To learn to forgive,

but never retreat.

Help us be brave

and steady our feet.

Let our fears melt

forever away-

for all the pain

we’ve felt this day.

Please answer our prayers.

Make us steadfast and true.

God bless America-

the red, white, and blue.”

Lynley Dean

North Ogden


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