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Letter: In response to criticism of the Republican Party

By Staff | Sep 16, 2021

Just a few comments regarding the “Dumbfounded…..” letter submitted by Stephen Harris.

1. The Big Lie, Stop the Steal, Rigged Election. Did you ever think the same thing when Al Gore Lost to Bush? Remember the scrutiny that all ballots in Florida underwent because the Democrats were screaming that the election was stolen? Hanging Chads? Or is that just ok because it was Democrats?

2. The attack on our capital Jan 6th. Perhaps we should have referred to it as Peaceful Protests much like the Democrats in Washington referred to the riots, looting, arson, assaults, shootings etc. in Portland, Seattle and various other cities throughout the nation. When the Federal Government buildings in the Northwest (Washington and Oregon) were taken over by “peaceful protestors” and defaced and burned and looted. I guess that was not a form of insurrection since it was the Democrats that labeled it.

3. Covid Pandemic. You state that getting the “shot” (vaccination) is a personal choice and people should not use their status — whatever it is — to misinform. Don’t threaten, intimidate, etc. What do you call what Biden just did with a mandate for everyone to get the vaccination or face consequences and fines? Is that not threatening and intimidation when the facts are that the vaccines have not been fully — FULLY — vetted to verify their safety. And for the “boosters” the health specialists urge people to wait a little longer than what is being stated simply because science is not sure if it would be an “overload” to a person’s system and they — medical experts and scientists — also state that the dosage for someone 80 years old might need to be different than someone 35 years old. Science and the CDC are not sure what the proper dosages are for various ages, sizes, male/female/adult/children. So — again I guess Biden isn’t intimidating or threatening — oh yeah, HE JUST DID. And he did all this without debate, discussions or compromise.

Just wanted to point out some of the fallacies in your letter and comments. Thanks.

Larry Clark



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