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Letter: It’s the right time for Utah to repeal food tax

Sep 16, 2021

Over a year ago, I joined hundreds of individuals who gathered signatures to oppose raising the sales tax on food. We were a group with wide-ranging political views, but we had a clear commitment to the notion that a higher tax on food was not the right choice for Utah.

Fortunately, the legislature responded to the voices of the people and repealed the bill which would have raised the tax on food.

Utah continues to have one of the most robust economies in the country and is on track to earn $3 billion more in tax revenue than last year. This will result in more than a billion dollar surplus.

As my legislative colleagues consider tax cuts in the upcoming session, I propose that Utah finally eliminate the sales tax on groceries. This will be immediately beneficial to all Utahns.

Opposition to taxing groceries is not new in Utah. In 2004, then gubernatorial candidate Jon Huntsman, Jr. campaigned to abolish the food tax. His statement in 2004 is just as applicable in 2021: “Sales tax on food is one of the most regressive taxes in our society. It especially hurts seniors on fixed incomes and working families.”

Now is the time to take action to repeal the state sales tax on food.

Rep. Rosemary Lesser

House District 10



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