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Letter: Government can do more to solve water needs in the west

By Staff | Sep 23, 2021

We have pipelines that move vast amounts of oil and natural gas all over the country. The east has way too much water while we in the west don’t have near enough.

Why not bring some of that water from the east west?

We also have three states with coastlines on the Pacific Ocean.

Israel and several Arab states convert seawater to fill all or most of their needs.

Instead of wasting trillions on ventures like Afghanistan why not take care of America?

As long as the politicians in DC and the state houses are comfortable all we will get is pep talks on conservation and no action.

People it is time to speak out and be heard. Those of you on social media can help a lot.

We need something more than words from government.

A lot can be done if they will just forget about the graft for a bit and do it.

Ray Boyle



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