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Letter: Thank God we are living in the USA

By Staff | Sep 23, 2021

I watch the children dance and sing, innocently they play; I only hope and wonder if tomorrow’s future holds the same freedoms and liberties as these children enjoy today. Behind the laughter, play and the fun there exist forces that threaten our peace to destroy everything America has stood for or against for hundreds of years; it’s all heaven sent. In this world of trouble, gloom and fears I must say that Americans hold these truths as self-evident worth more than silver, much more than gold. What Americans have valued the most from our nation’s beginning, the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost? A God-fearing nation who honors those who gave their all and didn’t come back. … In approbation I wanted to let our fallen know we haven’t forgotten your sacrifice. … We know that no greater gift can a nation receive than a soldier lay down his or her life in defense of freedom and liberties. In the realm of worldly power our armed forces fight to keep this hope alive, they raise the red, white and blue ensign for all the world to see, that people everywhere just want to be free. Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, over the land of the free and the home of the brave. Our freedom and Liberties in America are conditioned by the honor and respect we give the same God that our forefathers called upon when England sent the most powerful Navy in the world at that time and provoked a response from Americans, and we let them have it. In God we trust. The English did not count on Divine Intervention. It’s more than just the words on our currency, it’s been our protection. Let us not forget it. … Time is ticking away; we’re in a really bad situation today, and it’s easy to see what we need is a spiritual rejuvenation as a nation. The answers are not so far away when we’re down on our knees to pray, that we won’t be fooled again. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and now justice for all.

Norman Schultz



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