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Letter: E-Verify the solution to our immigration problem

By Staff | Sep 28, 2021

We need to do something about the perpetual immigration crisis at our southern border, and Senator Mitt Romney’s proposal of mandatory e-verify is spot on. E-verify is a computer app that allows employers to verify that someone applying for a job can legally work within the U.S. If Congress made E-Verify mandatory, uniform, and enforceable for every employer throughout the U.S. it would put immigration policy squarely within the purview of the federal government where the Constitution clearly says it belongs. Practically, it would dis-incentivize every would-be illegal immigrant from coming to the U.S. for work.

Currently, whether e-verify is mandatory and to whom it applies is left to each of the individual states. This system is clearly not working. This is not the immigration system set-forth in the Constitution. A uniform, mandatory e-verify system applying to all job openings, all employers, and all prospective employees throughout the U.S. would solve many of the country’s immigration problems in one fall swoop.

David Ostler



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