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Letter: On the ground, not 800 miles away

By Staff | Sep 28, 2021

Why do some in this administration like to start new investigations into what they perceive from a distance? It aggravates me that a leader, who spoke 800 miles away from the problem at the border, then said a person on a horse needs to be investigated? — a person who was maybe 8 inches away from the Crisis which did not get solved by this leader’s visits to the Central American countries, because SHE said the crisis needs to be addressed at the origination point? Is she going to go to Haiti next?

Has she ever been on a horse, next to a mass that is trying to come illegally into our country?

What I saw, on probably a similar news media as she saw, was a person trying to do their job. Unlike her — who disappears when the going gets tough or passes the buck to another.

I am tired of the massive amount of money, spent on needless investigations or expensive ineffectual visits to foreign countries, by those who can play on the beaches, or throw out baseball’s at ballgames, because the border patrol agents are doing their job, with inefficient funds, and a lack of resources!

Thank you, to those who are really trying, not just staging for the media!

Hope Welch

North Salt Lake


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