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Letter: Stupidity and arrogance a dangerous combination

By Staff | Sep 28, 2021

The two most common elements are hydrogen and helium. The two most common elements in our American political system are Stupidity and Arrogance. They appeared early in our history. James Madison thought he could steal Canada from the British. After all they were concentrating on Napoleon. So we invaded Canada five different times and lost 15,000 young men. The stupid part was thinking that the British would give up on their largest colony. The arrogance was thinking we were better soldiers than the British.

Fast forward 150 years to Lyndon Banes Johnson. A man who surrounded himself with the likes of McNamara and Westmoreland. A trifecta of stupid. Johnson thought we could win a guerrilla war under a three canopy jungle. He ignored the stinging defeat of the French and vastly underestimated Ho Chi Minh. After ten long years and 58,000 lost boys our long national nightmare was over.

So when I see politicians that are stupid and arrogant, I know that Americans will die. Most recently 600,000 Covid victims.

Lynn Wood



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