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Letter: This Democrat will be voting for Rep. Blake Moore

Apr 30, 2022

I am a lifelong Democrat and unabashed liberal. My political views do not align with my Congressman, Rep. Blake Moore — at all.

Yet I know him to be a man of integrity and good will who has done a wonderful job in his first term in the House of Representatives.

I can’t underscore how difficult it is for a freshman House member, in the minority, to get legislation passed. And yet Rep. Moore has done this. He has been an effective legislator and has shown a willingness to reach across the aisle on matters that are important to his constituents.

Further, unlike his predecessor, he holds frequent public events and his staff have done yeoman’s work with constituent service. My uncle, 1LT USA James Carroll Hutchins, has been MIA in Korea since 23 Dec 1953. Because of his status, he has previously been without any recognition. His death has never been acknowledged in the Army’s official records.

On a recent visit to Washington DC, I noticed that a memorial wall with the names of those who died in Korea is to be erected on the National Mall. The Park Service staff did not know whether my uncle’s name would be included; Rep. Moore’s staff got me the answer within hours.

I cannot tell you how much it means to me and my family to have my uncle’s sacrifice finally recognized. I don’t have to agree with everything Rep. Moore does to give him my full-throated, unequivocal endorsement for his re-election as my Congressman.

Jim Hutchins

South Ogden


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