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Letter: Common sense lacking in abortion bans

Aug 12, 2022

Many of us say we would never consider having an abortion, but we have also heard the old saying (never say never). Maybe we need to put ourselves in another person’s shoes for a moment and think about what we might do in a desperate situation.

I have never been a victim of rape, never been in a violent or abusive relationship, my children have never been abused by a mean or vicious parent, step-parent or live-in partner. I have never been homeless or been in extreme poverty.

There are probably many other reasons a woman may be compelled to seek help at a Planned Parenthood establishment to prevent or even end an unwanted pregnancy. This should be her decision. At the end of the day she will be judged by a higher power than you or I or the U.S. Supreme Court or the state leaders.

It isn’t as if a woman is entering an establishment to purchase an AR-15 and hundreds of rounds of ammunition to go in search of a group of human beings or a room full of school children just to blast full of holes until someone can stop her.

It does seem ridiculous for our lawmakers to make a law against a human resource entity that is there to help a person in need and those same lawmakers place no law against the gun manufacturers or gun dealers that sell hundreds of these weapons of war. Let’s call them what they are (killing machines). A true sportsman doesn’t require an AR-15 or other automatic that holds many rounds of ammunition. I think it would be a safe bet to say more living, walking human beings are being murdered in one week in this country than abortions performed in a month or more.

Do our so called intelligent leaders not realize they are using what they consider to be their right to take away the rights of another person? It makes one wonder where their common sense is.

Too bad there isn’t a button we could push to inject some directly into their brains. My opinion only.

Go figure.

Laraine White



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