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Letter: Support Rep. Lesser, a champion for Utah families

Aug 12, 2022

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Rosemary Lesser has served her community as an obstetrician, delivering more than 6,000 babies. In her professional and private life, she has long been an advocate for mothers and fathers; parents who are doing their best to provide for their families. In public life, as a member of the Utah House of Representatives, she has continued to advocate for families.

Early in her tenure as a legislator, Dr. Lesser sponsored a bill to eliminate the state sales tax on groceries, a regressive tax that is patently unfair to low-income families. Taxing a necessity, such as food, is so onerous that it has now been abolished in 37 other states. Inflation makes the elimination of the food tax even more urgent. The US Census Bureau recently reported that the cost for groceries for a typical Utah family increased by $61 per week compared to a year ago. The food tax burden is now nearly $30 per month.

If ending this unnecessary burden on Utah families weren’t reason enough, consider that the state surplus will top $1 billion this year. Lawmakers seem eager to share some of that surplus in the form of tax cuts. For the legislative leadership, I have a friendly reminder and a suggestion:

Utah has long prided itself in the tradition of supporting families. Dr. Lesser has continued that tradition with her proposal to eliminate the tax on groceries. Wise lawmakers would ensure that it becomes a reality.

Wise voters will return Dr. Lesser to the Utah House in November. We need her there to complete this and other vital legislation for Utah families.

Mark Peterson



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