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Letter: US founding documents don’t mention Christianity

Aug 12, 2022

We’re beginning to see a resurgence in the bigotry of something called Christian nationalism. But its adherents are delusional. They seem to see things in our basic freedom documents, the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, that don’t exist.

In the former document, Thomas Jefferson makes only generic reference to deity as in “Nature’s God” and our “Creator” and “Supreme Judge of the world.” No mention whatever of Christianity. Worse even for their argument, the U.S. Constitution not only fails to mention Christianity, there is absolutely no mention of god. It is a purely secular document. All of their wishful thinking doesn’t change that.

Then too, as to the U.S. Constitution being divinely inspired, would god sanction a document that regards his black children as worth only three-fifths of his white ones or that allows the slave trade to continue for another twenty years?

John Adams, who helped write the Constitution in 1787, remarked facetiously that “we had no interviews with the gods.” He was admitting the simple truth that they wrote it themselves.

M. Jensen Ogden

North Ogden


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