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Letter: North Ogden police can do better

Aug 18, 2022

A point of debate this week has been over the use of the term “raid” following the FBI search and seizure of property from former president Trump’s home. Appearances and terminology do matter, even at the local level.

Three North Ogden police officers recently followed a senior citizen into a retirement community to “inventory and impound” a vehicle. The crime? An expired registration. How long past the deadline? One business day.

Members of the small, tight-knit community were naturally curious about the flashing lights, crowded roadway and apparent search and seizure of a private vehicle. The resident had to carry personal items from the vehicle (picture, blanket, laptop, etc.) into a nearby home.

The resident joined a book club at the retirement community clubhouse shortly after the incident. She was introduced as the “resident criminal.” After the situation was clarified, the book club members were outraged.

North Ogden has hired 10 new patrol officers in less than two years. Are they being trained to protect and serve? Or disturb the peace? The Chief of Police fully supports the actions of the officers. The book club thinks they can do better.

Kim Smith

North Ogden


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