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Letter: American education system too heavy on administrators

Dec 7, 2022

The problem with American education is that we have too many administrators. We have federal school boards, state school boards, county school boards and city school boards. From 2000 to 2019 administrators for school have increased by 87%, while teachers and students have increased by 8%. Human maturation is a slow process and requires the parents who conceived the child to do it the best, is the American way. Public education is as old as our nation, but only lately has it adopted the purpose of supplanting the family and controlling the parents.

We have children being indoctrinated to hate their country by looking on its past. We also have administrators encouraging our children to speak of their sexual proclivities at an age when they can hardly think of them. Who owns the child, the parents or the educational administrators? The teachers unions, which claim to be defending teachers and children, are in truth defending the administrative system which has grown by leaps and bounds. In every state, the authority and money drained from the schools has flowed to the administrative bureaucracy. We must defend the American way of life and have the people control our schools.

Alan Abdulla



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