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Letter: Skeptical of Kaysville’s use of electricity funds

Dec 7, 2022

I live in Kaysville and I have just learned that our city council is going to take money out of the electric fund (the money that you and I pay for electricity) to buy a fire truck! That money is just to pay for electricity and NOTHING ELSE!!!! About 10 years ago, a group of us representing the KCRG, sponsored a proposition to forbid the city fathers of using the money paid for electricity for anything else but . . . electricity. This is law!!!!!!!! This was Proposition 5 and I am sure that a lot of you probably remember this. I suggest that if the city thinks that they can use money from the Kaysville electric company, then we are paying too much for our electricity and we should get a DECREASE in our electric rates! The previous city manager was using our electric company to run the city instead of taxes. To get an increase in taxes, a city has to have a hearing, but Kaysville would just keep raising our electric rates. (We never had a hearing, nothing!) WE GOT THAT STOPPED!!!! It looks like we need to get our mayor and city council educated as to what people pay for electricity is just that. . . pay for electricity. . . if we have an excess of money then we should decrease our electric rates. I urge all citizens of Kaysville to contact your city council and mayor and ask them to stop this thievery. I am forwarding a copy of this letter to the State Auditor so they can look into the illegal use of money payed for electricity to pay for a fire truck!

Margaret Brough



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