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Letter: Where’s the GOP’s moral fiber?

Dec 7, 2022

I for one cannot understand or comprehend where the moral fiber of the Republican party’s gone lately when it comes to holding former President Trump accountable for his statements and actions? It’s not enough that he incited and instigated that insurrection of our capitol on the 6th of January in an attempt to overthrow an election much less the government without the republicans in congress being outraged. It’s not enough that former President Trump had dinner with a white supremacist and Holocaust denier without the members of that party being outraged and holding him accountable. But now the former President wanting to override the constitution and reinstating him as president and they remain silent or making excuses when asked about it from reporters without holding him accountable as they would a democrat saying and acting in the same manner. It makes one wonder where their spine, if not their moral fiber of that political party and its leadership has gone too?

Miguel Serda Jr.



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