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Letter: Elon Musk a hero for exposing attack on free speech

Dec 12, 2022

In the recent days Elon Musk, who purchased Twitter, has been releasing actual documents of information showing the collusion between the FBI, Twitter, and most other media outlets in the United States to suppress free speech. The released information shows concerted effort by the high tech, television, and other media outlets to suppress all information and conversation about the involvement of Pres. Joe Biden and his family in selling political influence to China and other countries for millions of dollars. This information was suppressed to keep the public from knowing about the corruption to help Biden get elected President. With his narrow victory, it is obvious he would not have won the election over Trump except for this suppression of actual, factual news. The collusion of Federal government leaders, government’s efforts to decide what the public will and will not be able to speak about, tweet about, etc. is tantamount to treasonous acts, violating the 1st Amendment and the Constitution that limits the powers of government and separates the three branches of government, the FBI being party to the speech suppression.

Will the Standard Examiner give space for telling the facts behind Hunter Biden’s laptop, the investigation of the House members into this scandal, and Pres. Biden’s association with it? Elon Musk should be counted a hero for his exposing what many have known about before and after the 2020 Presidential election.

Darrel Thompson



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