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Letter: Latinos support climate action like Carbon Dividends Plan

Dec 12, 2022

On a national level, Hispanic and Latino voter trends were a hot topic of discussion during the midterm election. This is a good reminder that Utah’s Hispanic and Latino community is a driving force in Utah politics. Hispanics and Latinos are the second largest community in Utah, with almost 15% of the population and 10% of eligible voters. Recent polls show a shift of Latina voters to the Republican party, prompting discussions on why this is the case. According to Pew Research reports, the economy remains the top issue for Latina voters, but most (81%) U.S. Latinos say addressing global climate change is a top concern for them.

A growing number of newly energized conservatives on climate solutions presents a unique opportunity for Republicans to support meaningful climate action solutions, like the Carbon Dividends Plan. A nationwide carbon fee would rapidly lower carbon emissions, invest all Americans in a clean energy future, and hold other countries accountable. The Carbon Dividends plan is the most cost-effective way to reduce emissions while returning all the revenue from the carbon fee to households. It will promote clean energy investments across the economy and encourage other countries to adopt similar policies. The carbon dividends solution is popular with voters on both sides of the aisle, and I urge Utah elected officials to act on this kind of policy.

Mitchel Garsz

President/CEO of Utah’s American Latino Chamber of Commerce



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