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Letter: Democrats’ disastrous ideas hidden in infrastructure bill

Jan 13, 2022

It already looks like another disastrous year ahead thanks to Fauci, Biden, and pals.

Do you know that part of the infrastructure bill will benefit rich politicians more than you?

There is a buried provision called SALT that allows people like Pelosi and Romney etc. to get back approximately 85% of their personal property taxes. Example: one of Pelosi’s estates is valued at $9 mil. She could recover about $69K at your expense.

Another part would allow ALL illegals and convicted felons to vote. That’s absurd.

Pres. Lincoln once said “If anyone destroys America, it will come from within.” I submit it is on its way to fruition under Biden.

There are three certainties in life. (1) Taxes, (2) death, (3) the Left wanting complete control of your lives. D.C. is so dysfunctional, they couldn’t get together in a phone booth.

Russ Larsen



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