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Letter: Governor should be doing more during COVID crisis

Jan 15, 2022

When Governor Cox was first elected to office, I was so pleased to see that he respected the science of Health and worked to combat our COVID crisis.

However, as the months of this Pandemic have continued, our numbers heightened and Utah has been in the top five states for high COVID numbers several times, he has chosen Politics over Health. I am confused and saddened with his change of heart and letting this become a political issue versus a health Issue. Lives are at stake, and he considered individual freedom of choice over politics. Haven’t we learned from the past that mandated safety and health measures save lives, seatbelt laws, school vaccination requirements, age restrictions for purchasing Alcohol and Tobacco are just a few mandated measures that have served that purpose. Polio was not Politicized but eradicated. Is that not what we want for the COVID virus?

Where is the freedom for those who are dying, where is the freedom for those who have complied with health and vaccination recommendations? Freedom of choice in a public health situation does not mean you are free. The consequences don’t affect an individual but a community. How could Governor Cox possibly think that not mandating masks in all places, Government offices, wouldn’t be the reasonable thing to do considering the health crisis we are experiencing. How many teachers and auxiliary school workers does it take to become ill? How many HealthCare workers that are exhausted and leaving the profession does it take? How many funerals, weddings and birthdays of loved ones must be missed? How many deaths are enough to justify Politics over health? I would not want any of these to happen on my watch, does Governor Cox?

Dr. Ronda Miller Ernest



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