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Letter: Favoring Democrat action over Republican rhetoric

Jul 30, 2022

Imagine this. Clean air, blue skies, stars at night, manageable heat in the summer, fewer wildfires, enough water to fill the reservoirs and the Great Salt Lake, lots of snow in the winter, and children allowed to play outside every day, not only on good air days. Picture lower health care costs, lower prescription drug prices, child tax credits, a reduction in poverty, higher taxes on the ultra rich, and support for voting rights, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights and a more equitable population. Biden and Democrats have given us some of these things, and are fighting to give us the rest. While Biden cannot control the virus, the war, nor inflation, he can mitigate climate damage and ensure the rights of all Americans. He cannot do it without the support of the House and Congress. Most Democrats support him. Most Republicans block him. The Republicans may be a viable leadership alternative if they offered solutions for climate damage and supported women’s rights, stronger gun laws, and a belief in the truth. Right now, they parrot the same phrases: inflation is out of control. The Democrats have a radical agenda. Republicans divert the discussion to issues that do not exist. Republicans are great at rhetoric, weak on solutions. They have not stood up for fair elections and an equitable tax structure. They have done little if anything to mitigate climate destruction. Why then should we vote for them? Until they offer solutions rather than rhetoric, I feel much safer with Democrats in power. Democrats have plans to move our country forward. They need our support to make it happen.

Patty Becnel



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