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Letter: Ideas about a possible Great Salt Lake pipeline

Jul 30, 2022

I’m a born and raised Ogden Utah man that spent much of my life skiing the resorts of Utah.

I first read in the Ogden Standard Examiner in letters to the editor about turning pumps around and bring sea water to fill the lake. After weeks of thought WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!

I understand cost, construction, permits, right of way, etc.

Driving to Wendover you see miles and miles of dried lake bed as far as the eye can see.

And the possibility of the day may come we don’t need the pipeline, but we must do something!

Thinking it will just fix itself is not smart thinking.

We will also need as much drinking water from snow melt for our growing population!

I see cost as the downside.

Now my thinking of the positive.

Filling the existing lake for all the reasons we are aware of.

Dust control, replenishment of migrations of birds, continued economic revenue and even more so the effects on our climate from lake effect storms.

We just turn on the pumps and fill it up, the main lake, but also fill the west desert even fill the Sevier Lake.

Wouldn’t a larger area of water enhance lake effect storms?

A much larger area of the lake effect temperatures? With the cooler temperatures off the water and the power of evaporation by the sun!

Wouldn’t some water soak into ground and naturally filter out salt and impurities and replenish our underground water aquifers?

What coastal city, town, islands wouldn’t want to have the ocean levels drop? Some states and countries may donate to the cause! Even if it’s just some?

I think this should be done all over the world to help the rising seas!

Yes it could cost billions to build but what is the cost of doing nothing!

As of today the governor’s ask for prayers haven’t helped yet!

My mind is full of positives about this issue.

Steven Garside

West Haven


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