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Letter: Why I’m voting for Blake Moore

Jun 18, 2022

I’ve spent the past 3 years as a City Councilman in Kaysville. I know my constituents, I know how concerned they are with gas prices, inflation and the dangerous leftist agenda in Washington, D.C.

I’ve been closely watching the race for U.S. Congress in our first district and have been extremely impressed with how Congressman Blake Moore has been able to navigate his first term in office. Blake has held true to his conservative values while finding a way to be productive as a freshman in the minority. I’m astonished to see how his opportunistic challengers are trying to smear him by leveling misleading and untruthful attacks.

One challenger accused Blake of doing “nothing” after the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. The truth is, Blake was the very first member of congress to hold President Biden accountable. He introduced the Afghanistan Accountability Act to have an accounting of what went wrong and how America can never put those who wear our nation’s uniform at that kind of unnecessary risk.

Blake’s opponents have been misleading about his record on funding our military and Hill Air Force Base. At a recent debate, both of Blakes opponents stood there and railed against him for voting to fund Hill Air Force Base, essentially declaring they wouldn’t have done the same. They accused him of voting for Biden’s disastrous spending bill, when in fact, Blake voted against it.

Everyone knows politics is an ugly sport. I’m grateful for those who are willing to serve and be in the arena. It’s fine to criticize public officials if you believe they’re wrong on a certain issue, but it’s completely dishonest to criticize them for something they haven’t done. Tina Cannon and Andrew Badger are desperate in their baseless attacks and seem to just want a job.

I’m standing up for Congressman Moore because he’s been an effective conservative in Washington, D.C. and has represented Northern Utah with honor and distinction. I hope you will join me in voting for him.

John Adams



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