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Letter: Serious questions about Biden’s competency as president

Jun 30, 2022

So, have we completely given up hope and, in fact, even the pretense of objective reality? Is there no unbiased truth? Did history start this morning? Are there actually adults who operate heavy machinery, medical equipment, motor vehicles, or telephones who also think that POTUS is fit for the the job? Or fit to assemble a matching outfit? Ineptitude is a hallmark of the Joe Biden administration; which history will note for the astonishing speed by which it decimated the living standard of pretty much everyone. No one in the world is safer with Biden’s animated corpse languishing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The question is; at which point do ostensibly reputable news organizations become negligent in lending the air of legitimacy to the Joseph R. Biden Burlesque Show?

Responsible community leaders and citizens alike should devote the next two years to nullifying every single act of governance attempted by these characters.

Eric Santoro



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