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Letter: Being pro-life should mean caring for all living people

May 10, 2022

If we are fighting to disband abortion rights because we are pro life, shouldn’t we also be protecting the rights of the living? Living is a comprehensive package and involves those already here as well as vulnerable babies. If we do not provide abortions, are we providing a better foster care program, better child nutrition and child poverty supplements, counseling and parenting classes? Are we offering comprehensive sex education programs and contraception? Are we considering the lives of the women who risk their lives or their sanity being pregnant?

It’s easy to show pictures of vulnerable, tiny babies- our hearts go out to them. But some of the living are just as vulnerable. If we are really pro life, we must care about all lives: those lost in mass shooting and homicides, those fleeing to our borders because of oppression, corruption and hunger, the children living in poverty. Unwanted children may face abuse, poverty, and a lifetime of years in the “system”. Some people already do. Do we care?

I can guarantee Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden abhor the thought of ending a life. But they know the reality of denying women access to this critical health care, and the risk to those already living by not providing the service. Pro life should mean all lives. Rather than shout and oppose, we should look at why women become pregnant and are compelled to have abortions. We need to enact programs and comprehensive legislation to support them and the living (including refugees) who are as vulnerable. Otherwise we are just shouting, and washing our hands of the consequences. We are hypocrites.

Patty Becnel

Pleasant View


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