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Letter: Student debt cancellation is unfair to those who paid

May 10, 2022

I am against President Biden considering forgiving student loan debt! I think that is wrong! What about all the students who worked and sacrificed and paid off their debt! Will they get a refund? My daughter worked full time while attending Utah State and graduated with honors! She then attended U of Utah David Eccles School of Business and graduated with honors with a Professional MBA on 5 May, 2017! All while working full time! She managed her school loan and paid it off in full. She said some of her classmates partied and didn’t make payments on their loans! I don’t believe the taxpayers should pay for their lack of managing that money wisely! There are real hardship cases that could be considered. Maybe those people could apply on an individual basis and present their hardship case in writing? None of this forgive everybody’s debt or part of their debt!

One other thing. I am generally against abortion! I think a woman’s decision to have an abortion should be between her and her God! If she wants to involve her family or loved ones in her decision, that is her choice! Our Constitution separates church and state! People are saying God says this or that. In my opinion that is forcing one person’s beliefs on another person!

Don Cunningham

Fruit Heights


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