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Letter: Don’t let Ukraine conflict devolve into World War III

May 13, 2022

World War II dates from 1939 to 1945. Atrocities are recorded as “criminal assault on innocent and helpless victims” and some statistics list 75 million people killed with about 20 million being soldiers. A war crime tribunal was held and the world found out about crimes against humanity, genocide, sexual crimes and property crimes (with some items still being returned over 70 years later.)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created on April 4, 1949 by the United States, Canada and other Western European nations to provide security against the Soviet Union.

February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. The reports today are varied, but some who say they are official, report there have been 3,459 deaths and more than that injured. There are reports of criminal assaults on innocent and helpless victims with crimes against humanity, genocide and sexual assaults. Property crimes include destruction of property, sometimes with the deaths of innocent people including men, women, children and babies; corridors are closed after people are told they would be open, and then people are killed when trying to flee. Reports say there were over four-million refugees in the first five weeks.

The world is being held hostage to try to avoid World War III. Anyone who believes the power-crazed leader will stop at the eastern front of Ukraine, is delusional. Soldiers are being brought in from outside countries who are also against the United States and NATO.

I feel we and the world, are at war. I cringe every day to hear of the crimes against humanity. I realize money and weapons are being sent to help. I am thankful for that! But, I am waiting and praying for a Patton, or Eisenhower, and other world leaders like Churchill to work smarter than Putin, to do more to prevent another 50 million people plus from being annihilated. I hope there are unseen efforts being accomplished that will succeed!

Hope Welch

North Salt Lake


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