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Letter: Gender roles separate but equal in their importance

Nov 17, 2022

Kudos to the S-E for publishing the National Commentary by Mona Charen, “What ails the American male?” in Tuesday’s hardcopy edition of our Ogden tabloid. Being a life-long subscriber, may I add that all people hopefully have some access to this newspaper, or a newspaper, as this provides a better forum for truthful news than is had on electronic media outlets, national or local. Interesting that now, now, we are hearing and seeing, well after the fact, of the damage done to American males by all the fuss over women’s rights, women’s plights, women’s needs, etc. to the detriment and exclusion of all other issues.

Causes that divide the nation are destructive to it. Men and Women are equally important, obviously, and deliberate discrimination that ignore this hurt us all. When the male ego is blasted away, when traditional men’s roles are obliterated, what is left to interest men in life? No wonder, then, that the American male percentages of seeking higher education, higher purposes in life are on the downward slide. One might say that the very thing women have accused men of doing in disparaging their gender, they have been doing to men for some time now. Just as discrimination of any kind harms, so does the emphasis upon one gender over another. Separate but equal are the responsibilities and rewards of men and women. Social engineers will never get it right, only faith in God and following Christian values will. History is replete with the fall of nations due to immoral seeking for power, pleasure, and idolatry. The answers to all that ails us are simple and simply overlooked by the sophists who continue to look beyond the mark. The nation is exhausted from seeking happiness where it cannot be found.

Darrel Thompson



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