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Letter: Utah must balance growth with clean energy

Nov 30, 2022

While fossil fuel companies continue to put pollution and carbon emissions into the atmosphere, it is the people in those communities that suffer. The best snow on earth coupled with accessibility to the mountains and a fairly mild winter make Utah hard to beat, but a major drawback has always been the winter smog. Transportation, area sources (such as homes, buildings, and businesses), nonroad equipment, and industry, are contributing more and more to particulate matter in the air and increasing the chance of disease in Salt Lake residents.

An enduring price on pollution with a “carbon cashback” returned to the people would result in cleaner air, a more stable climate, and better health outcomes. If we want the greater Salt Lake Valley to continue to grow in population, we need the growth to be sustainable. The solution is: congress must pass legislation with incentives to transition to clean energy and transportation.

Melissa Stevens

Salt Lake City


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