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Letter: Congress, Biden must not harm Utah tech sector

Oct 1, 2022

Utah’s effort to set itself up as one of the leading tech hubs in the U.S. is working. The tech industry represents 9.6 percent of Utah’s workforce and directly adds $20.1 billion to our economy. Yet, some elected officials are pursuing anti-innovation legislation that will threaten the tech industry’s potential. As we rise to the top of tech hubs, tech companies and entrepreneurs want to feel secure in establishing Utah as their home base and know that Utah officials will continue to support policies that promote technological innovation.

Additionally, a new poll by NetChoice, an organization dedicated to making the internet safe for free enterprise and expression, found that 61 percent of Americans say the economy is the country’s biggest issue today. In a time of record high inflation, voters worry that regulating tech will increase prices, and 89 percent say Congress should focus on handling inflation rather than breaking up large tech companies. So why are elected officials pushing anti-innovation bills that will harm the industry contributing billions to our economy and creating thousands of jobs in Utah, only to increase the financial burden for consumers? This legislation will weaken our competitiveness and diminish the capacity for leading tech companies to invest in the future. Congress must listen to voters and focus on high priority issues such as the economy and inflation, not add to it. Utah should continue to be a place where technology talent, investors, educators, and businesses flourish.

Abdiel Vazquez



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