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Letter: I do not understand leadership’s logic

Sep 15, 2022

President Biden gets a new security fence for a private home at taxpayers’ expense of $500,000; we pay three million to guard the materials already paid for?

NYC and DC protest 9000 immigrants as sanctuary cities, but they don’t mind southern borders getting over two million in their states?

The words inflation and recession do not have the impact on my family that going to the grocery store and gas station does, or trying to run a business.

Did Mr. Buttigieg suffer pain to get his gain?

My insurance company has told me I cannot get a physical copy of my insurance coverage, because of the supply chain issues for paper.

A state governor has declared no gas-powered cars after 2035, then says do not charge cars because of possible power shortage?

A Congress woman gestured at gas stations as she drove her electric car “AFTER waiting a long time for microchips”.

I do not understand the logic of those who are working FOR THE PEOPLE!

Hope Welch

North Salt Lake


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