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Letter: It’s up to us to protect the Constitution

Sep 22, 2022

September 17th is Constitution Day, also known as “Citizen Day”, and begins Constitution Week September 17th to 23rd. The United States Constitution is the greatest legal document ever written. According to the Forward of the “U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It” booklet, “The Constitution is most certainly the most influential legal document in existence.” Since it was written over 200 years ago, more than one hundred countries around the world have used it as a guide for their own.

It is one of the oldest surviving constitutions because it is a living document. Its basic tenets have remained virtually the same since its inception. People sometimes disagree with the Supreme Court’s interpretations, but they never argue with the wisdom of its underlying principles. The men of the 1787 Constitutional Convention had the foresight and inspiration to create a document to govern future generations for hundreds of years.

The Constitution is an integral part of our lives, indeed, it is the very words by which we live. There are many who are working to destroy this amazing document and for the majority of us our comfortable way of life with its many freedoms that we take for granted.

I challenge you during Constitution Week to study The Constitutional Convention of 1787, learn the thoughts of the Founding Fathers, why our government has three separate agencies with different and distinct responsibilities besides being a check and balance system within a check and balance system of our federal government. It is our duty to exercise our privilege to see that we have honorable and U.S. loving citizens making the rules and laws by which we are governed. This year is an important year because it is up to us to protect our Constitution and see that we have men and women who believe in our freedoms and welfare and believe that our Constitution is the best way to ensure them. We may be fighting (voting) for our Constitution and freedoms in this year’s and the next elections. Know what is at stake and take your responsibility seriously. KNOW THE CANDIDATES YOU VOTE FOR AND WHAT THEY REALLY STAND FOR. VOTE WISELY!

Dorrene Jeske

North Ogden


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