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Letter: Vote now to protect your future

Sep 22, 2022

This letter is directed to young adults and to the new high school graduates that are now able to vote. (I hope they still read newspapers or any that do will pass this along on their internet accounts). Do yourself a favor, take a few minutes and register to vote. It’s easy, you can do it on-line, and better yet, you don’t need your parents’ permission. To those that think that voting is a waste of time and are either too busy or too lazy to educate yourselves about the issues affecting our lives and the rights that we take for granted, what is more important than your future? Well, those elected affect your future. They are deciding your future now. For the rights you take for granted and think you’ll always have, be afraid! There are many people that don’t want you to vote. They are afraid of the power of your vote. Trust me, they notice your vote. For years they have worked to take away rights they think we don’t deserve. Young women’s rights to decide for themselves the kind of life they want. The party against big government now wants to control your everyday privacy. From reproductive rights, to what books you are allowed to read, to only white-washed American History. Did high school change much the last few years? Did school shooter drills make you feel safer?

We all know we can’t believe everything a candidate says, but you can look up an incumbent’s voting record, where the money comes from, what they stand for and their motivation. Party or Country, working families or the rich, profit or planet. The humanity behind the policy.

Our Democracy is at stake. Time to decide your future in the America you want to live in. Your vote matters.

Dale Laursen

Brigham City


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