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Letter: We need more, better solutions to water crisis

Sep 22, 2022

When speaking about the drought some time ago, our Governor said, “We are going to have to get used to brown lawns”. As I’ve looked around the Ogden area this summer, I’ve often wondered who he meant by “We”. It looked like about half of the homes had brown lawns and the other half ranged from a little thirsty looking to downright overwatered. 3 golf courses near me don’t appear to have missed any waterings and I would guess more than half of the businesses with lawns haven’t cut back at all.

Politicians are scrambling to save the Great Salt Lake. Some of the ideas are ridiculous. Like the idea to build a pipeline to bring in Ocean Water. Several have suggested that we need to spend millions on studies. Isn’t it clear we use too much water, and more river water needs to go into the lake? I don’t think we need a study to tell us that.

What if those same millions they want to spend on studies bought meters for all the secondary water users in the State? If every water user had a meter the water companies could then determine how much your home or business should use for the size of your property and based on this year’s water rationing suggestions. Secondary water use at or below this recommendation by all users would cost the same as it does now. Use above that limit should be very expensive. And the limit should apply to ALL users. The fees collected for water use above the limit could buy water from farmers and let that water run to the Lake. The money shouldn’t be spent on anything not specifically related to water conservation and saving GSL.

In my view, we can’t wait any longer to try and fix this problem. We need to use water as if every year from now forward will be as dry as this year — even if we get some good wet years.

Scott Fullmer

South Ogden


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