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Letter: Lindquist Field needs some love

Sep 28, 2022

Lindquist Field was opened in 1997 on the site of the old Ogden Iron Works. It was one of the initial pieces in the revitalization of downtown Ogden. After only a few years the seating had to be expanded to accommodate the crowds watching our Ogden Raptors. I have been a season ticket holder for over 20 years. During this time, Ogden has led the Pioneer League in attendance. BaseBallParks.com rates Lindquist Field’s Wasatch Front view as the best in baseball. The jewel of downtown Ogden is showing its age. This year the women’s restroom under section F was closed for the season. At least one toilet in most of the men’s rooms were broken all season. The lighted advertisements on the scoreboard need most of their lights replaced. Many of the seats are cracked or broken. At least one seat is missing entirely. The rope on the flagpole broke during a game this year. The opposing centerfielder held the flag off the grass until someone came and took it from him. It did not get fixed for the rest of the season. The paint is fading, the concrete is badly stained and greasy. Since Lindquist Field was opened many of the Pioneer League teams have built new stadiums, making Lindquist look shabby by comparison. Lindquist Field is still a jewel of our downtown area, but it needs some overdue maintenance. The Raptors say that Ogden City, who owns the park, should perform the upkeep. The city maintains that the Raptors should take care of it. Meanwhile, nothing happens. In the past few years, a significant amount of funding has been doled out to improve the infrastructure of our cities. It’s time that Lindquist Field received some much-deserved love. Let’s bring Lindquist Field back to being the best ballpark in the Pioneer league.

Steve Evans

North Ogden


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