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Letter: American Conservation Coalition Summit coming to SLC

Apr 28, 2023

As a state that deals with environmental issues that are affecting the everyday lives of us all, Utah is a good place to speak our voice and bring awareness to impactful issues. From June 15-17, the American Conservation Coalition, also known as the ACC, will be holding the second-annual ACC Summit for all to enjoy promoting climate change prevention and other great causes with emphasis on nature conservation while sticking to our conservative values. As the ACC Summit is held in the Salt Lake area, we will have some unique Utah speakers including Congressman Blake Moore.

The ACC Summit is open to all ages from young new starting environmentalists to seasoned residents who have a passion for the environment. Not only does the ACC Summit open opportunities to learn more about the environmental issues we’re facing, but it is a good way to connect with other leaders and like-minded people who share the passion that ACC is centered around. The ACC Summit will be a great way to connect to a wider community and find new people to join our cause.

This movement is more important today than ever before. Climate change and environmental challenges are serious in Utah and around the country. In Utah, we see serious concerns about air quality and the shrinking of the Great Salt Lake. It’s important for the next generation to stand up and advocate for solutions to the issues they care about. This should be a priority all year long, with the ACC Summit being one of many opportunities to lend your voice. This movement is more important today than ever before. Climate change and environmental challenges are something we work hard to fix and support. Perfect for right of center political stance people we hope you will come check out our amazing cause to spread awareness about the world around us.

To join us at the ACC Summit this June, register at www.accsummit.eco.

Carmen Brown

Co-branch leader for the ACC NUAMES branch



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