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Letter: Carnivore nonprofit tries to gobble up wildlife neighbor

Apr 29, 2023

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah (WRCNU) has served our community from its current location since 2009. In March 2023, Ogden City gave notice that the Center had six months to close its doors and find a new location. The reason, Dinosaur Park wants to raze the building and put 144 new parking spots along the Ogden River Walkway. This raises the question of why is the City Administration going against its new policy of fewer parking spots (especially for friendly developers) and paid parking to encourage mass transit? After all, it is called the Ogden River Walkway, instead of just another wasteful eyesore parking lot.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is in the perfect place to serve its critical mission and keeping it at its current location is essential to that mission. The building that the WRCNU occupies is the former Ogden City Animal Control that was specifically designed for the care of animals. Both State and local communities all over Northern Utah use this facility to save injured wildlife every day. Much like the Ogden Nature Center, these organizations add value to our community by their mere existence. It was only a few years ago that the city administration attempted to displace the Ogden Nature Center and turn it into an industrial park. Shouldn’t the “king of ride your bike to work” be pushing for more bike racks at Dinosaur Park? Concrete and asphalt shouldn’t be the Caldwell administration’s only answer to every square inch of Ogden. Ogden – Still Untamed and Unprincipled.

Kerry Wayne



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