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Letter: Ogden Express bus project already losing its luster

Apr 29, 2023

As a frequent rider on the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) bus system, I must express my profound disappointment in the so-called Ogden Express service. I was not a resident of Ogden in the early talks about new service between the Transit Station and the McKay Hospital via Weber State.

As the system is nearing completion, I believe UTA, Ogden Chamber of Commerce and possibly the Standard Examiner newspaper have sold the taxpayers and citizens of Ogden a bill of empty goods.

The service supposedly replaces UTA route 603, but according to the map from the Chamber of Commerce and UTA, service at both ends are totally distant from the route of 603. The situation on the south end of the route is critical as it deviates off Harrison Blvd to go through Weber State campus. This leaves the businesses on the south end of Harrison without service

On the same map, it appears that the stops along the route are much fewer and much further apart. The new shelters are a joke: they stand high and open and offer no protection from weather elements. Lastly, the new route bus stops have made Harrison a nightmare to drive at night and has ruined a pleasant avenue.

Don Carlile



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