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Letter: America must follow Utah’s lead on tech proliferation

Aug 2, 2023

There's no denying that technological innovation is driving economies, spurring competition, and changing our everyday lives. While Silicon Valley was the epicenter of tech startups and innovation, the Beehive State is emerging as a prominent player. From Salt Lake City to Provo, young and established software companies, manufacturing firms, and everything in between are calling Utah home.

As a growing tech hub, Utah offers a lower cost of living, a pro-business environment, and an incredible mountain lifestyle that many larger metropolitan hubs do not. The impact of this migration of people and businesses to our state is being felt. These companies are bringing good-paying jobs while contributing to our leading street economies. Salt Lake City is also emerging as one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in America, with an expected 30 percent increase in tech jobs by 2030.

Utah's startup and innovation economy is keeping our state competitive. But on top of that, it's also helping America grow and compete. Technological innovation is the backbone of America's economy, uplifting every industry -- from tourism to healthcare.

We need to continue to embrace this accelerant of growth and prosperity and ensure that America, and our companies, are leading the way in innovation and developing future technologies. Otherwise, other countries will reap the benefits of being number one in tech development; America cannot risk fading into the background.

The Beehive State went all in on innovation and has become synonymous with technology. America must do the same.

Sarah Traore

South Jordan


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