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Letter: Disaster strikes when one man has too much power

Aug 2, 2023

One reason our country fought a War of Independence was that the colonists hated the fact that one man, the King of England, had so much control and power over their lives. He made laws and issued orders that affected the lives of all those living here. These laws were for his benefit and not theirs. Well it appears we are right back where we started. Recently we have witnessed how One Man can make decisions that greatly affect our country and our lives.

1. ‘Moscow’ Mitch McConnell, then the Senate majority leader, did not allow a senate confirmation vote on Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. He held up the vote for over a year simply because he had the power to do it. Did this change the landscape of the Supreme Court? Did it affect the lives of millions of Americans? One Man.

2. Senator Tommy Tuberville, never having served in the military, is nevertheless holding up Senate confirmation on 260 military positions. This number will soon grow to 650 nominations. “I disagree with their policy positions and I want it changed or no more confirmations.” Is military readiness affected? Is national security affected? One Man.

3. Senator Rand Paul is currently holding up nominations of over 60 senior overseas State Dept. personnel, including 38 ambassadors. Some to Middle East hot spots, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. He is acting like a spoiled child and if he doesn’t get his way these positions will remain vacant. Does this have any effect on our foreign policy? One Man.

4. These examples of how our country can be held hostage by just One Man is just chump change compared to what is coming up in 16 months. If we as voters are stupid enough to elect Donald Trump again, he will really show us, and the world, how One Man can take over and upend our lives. He has told us his plans but we just can’t believe that American democracy can be destroyed. One Man. Heaven help us.

Paraphrasing Bette Davis, “Buckle up, America, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Stephen Harris



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