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Letter: Expressing my gratitude for getting Ogden into CREP

Aug 2, 2023

Several key leaders of Ogden City will be leaving office this year–council members, mayor and chief administrative officer. As they leave we citizens must thank them for their forward looking decision to put Ogden into the Community Renewable Energy Program (CREP). By this act they have helped Rocky Mountain Power provide electricity to us that costs less and that is pollution free.

The Community Renewable Energy Program is a voluntary program. It allows Rocky Mountain customers to specify that all of the electricity they consume will come from renewable sources by 2030. Customers need not participate, but those that do will hasten the end of fossil fuel pollution; and since renewable energy is cheaper this will also bring down electric bills.

Again, thank you retiring leaders, for making CREP happen for Ogden, for cleaning our air, and for putting a little more money in our pockets.

Eric Jacobson



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