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Letter: Thoughts on Trump, Republicans and the future of democracy

Aug 9, 2023

My opinion on a few things. I am already tired of all the election junk for the 2024 November election! I see Trump and his lawyers are saying that his (Trump) lies over the last eight years are all Freedom of Speech protected as per Amendment 1 of the U.S. Constitution! Trump seems to love all the attention his lies bring from his believers! Trump seems to want to keep his name in the news so he can suck more money out of his followers. Were we as people taught by our parents to tell lies to get away with stuff? Do you tell your children to lie about things and not tell the truth? I think Trump was brought up by his daddy to lie and cheat and then hire a lawyer to get him off the hook! I am sure there are many honest Republicans out there who would do a great job as President! Chris Christie, Gov. Sununu, Mike Pence, Mia Love and Liz Cheney would be great! Unlike Trump, not a narcissistic person among them! Ron DeSantis seems to be worse than Trump!

I think the DOJ and FBI are doing a great, honest job of bringing alleged law breakers to justice! Four more years of Trump would probably be the end of our Democracy and start of a Dictatorship! We also need to get rid of the Electoral College! It is old and outdated and very unfair! Popular vote is the only fair way! Thank you!

Don Cunningham

Fruit Heights


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