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Letter: Millions of our taxpayers’ dollars being wasted at Hill AFB

Aug 12, 2023

Recently here at Hill A.F.B. and through out the country as well as the world the base and post commissaries the inventory was moved around for the third time in the last few years at a cost of millions of dollars because of someone at DACA which is an acronym for the thinking heads at headquarters thought it be a good idea. Now on one hand the republicans in congress are and have been belly aching and bed wetting about the deficit which by the way they help create under the last president, Donald J. Trump. And then we have this idiotic move of items from one side of the stores to the other which makes no sense at all and all that did was cost more overtime and delay of inventory and why the shelves at Hill commissary are nearly empty of merchandise. I made this information to our congressman's office here in Ogden known, but what he does with it is another thing, and hopefully he or one of his aids will look into it, because its frustrating going to shop on base and there is noting or next to nothing on the shelves. One of the workers there told me when I asked why were all the shelves empty, and they replied, "Oh, we have merchandise, the thing is that the contractor hasn't hired enough people to pull it out of the warehouse to stock the shelves." Hopefully this letter to your newspaper will light a fire under someone behind and get something done to stop this insanity of moving items around and then not having enough help to stock the store with.

Miguel Serda Jr.



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