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Letter: Being ripped off by the gas company

Dec 7, 2023

I am sure most of us have noticed a large increase in your gas bill. Over the last two years mine has doubled. I am on the equal pay plan. All these figures are based on the Oct to Nov bills. In 2021 my bill was 45 dollars, in 2022 it jumped to 60 dollars this years to 92 dollars. Nt only has my equal pay gone wild but the actual cost per year. In 2021, 36 dollars; 2022, 43 dollars and n 2023, 55 dollars. yet my usage has stayed basically the same as far as the billed DTH is concerned. 3.5 in 2021; 3.3 in 2022 and 3.5 in 2023.

Yes we are being ripped off big time. Once upon a time we had a public service commission that watched out for rip off but no more.

Jed Harris



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