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Letter: More moderation needed in the GOP

Dec 7, 2023

Once again, the MAGA faithful are in full spin mode and democracy could not be in greater peril. Senator Mike Lee is busy making up his own false narrative for the recently released January 6th video tapes. As no major surprise, he offers no explanation for his treasonous actions for that day, which were certainly jail worthy. Now Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes has filed an amicus brief to overturn Trump’s gag order by spending Utah taxpayer dollars for this clearly politic sham. Meanwhile, most of our congressional delegation are busy supporting “election deniers” for GOP leadership positions. Additionally, they have made George Santos and Clarence Thomas their poster boys for government honesty and ethics. Our local GOP politicians like State Senator Brad Wilson blame Washington for all Utah’s woes, while ignoring the legislature’s efforts to preserve their long held super majority and one-party rule through a cowardly redistricting grab.

Current members of the Republican Party have to fight back, you are not Steve Bannon, Roger Stone or Michael Flynn (all pardoned criminals), or you will lose our country to a group that wishes to set fire to our democratic way of life. By not calling out immoral behavior or the lies that accompany them, we all lose. I am asking for people of all persuasions to flood the Republican party at caucus and convention and drown out the voice and influence of the MAGA mob. Good people of conscience can take the GOP and America back, future generations are depending on it.

Thinking of running as a Democrat in the general election? Why waste time on a broken local and state party that does not support its own candidates? The need for moderate candidates in the GOP could not be greater, so it’s time to seize the opportunity. Filing is a few weeks away, and in Utah, Republicans get elected.

Kerry Wayne



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