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Letter: Why I support the Jewish state of Israel

Dec 7, 2023

I support Israel for five reasons.

1) Throughout history the Jews have been despised. Almost every nation in Europe has thrown the Jews out at one time or another. They were forced to live in the original ghettos. They were forbidden to own real property so many of them supported themselves by lending money which earned them more contempt. In short, they have been horribly discriminated against.

2) That discrimination led to the holocaust. Six million Jews were disposed of in death factories. We all know the story. The aftermath led to the foundation of the state of Israel.

3) If the Jews living in Israel were forced to leave, where would they go? If we didn’t help defend Israel the Arab nations would simply slaughter them.

4) Then there is my personal debt to the Jewish people. I am a practicing Catholic but my faith is built upon the foundation of the Jewish Torah which they have carried in dispersion for 2000 years. It has given me profound insights into Jesus and the New Testament. I owe my salvation to the Jewish man-God.

5) I realize that U. S. Foreign policy must be carried out with hard headed diplomacy. But there must also be heart in foreign policy. If not, what have we become? I support Israel because for me it is the right thing to do.

Finally, in response to Rick Jones’ recent Op-Ed about small Federal Government being unable to give aid to Israel, I reply that the tension between an all powerful Federal Government and States advocating for States Rights was deliberately built into the US Constitution. It is called checks and balances.

Robert Miller



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