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Letter: Governors of Utah, Colorado setting an example for us all

Dec 8, 2023

I was proud and happy to see Governor Solis of Colorado and Governor Cox of Utah on national TV promoting a promising solution to the nation’s problems, a program the National Governor’s Association calls “Disagree Better.” (Face the Nation, 12-3-23; nga.org)

We absolutely need more of this kind of program, but we need other efforts to go along with it.

Because so many families are broken by divorce in America, young people in all walks of life are often angry, depressed, and anxious. They don’t tend to disagree nicely. We need to enact public policy that helps stabilize marriages. That way children are not left to fight their way through life without two good parental examples close by to guide them. Kids grow up much nicer that way.

We also need schools to teach everyone’s responsibility to participate in public affairs and to teach what democracy needs in candidates for office. Democracy needs folks who are not ambitious for power and wealth, but ambitious to serve and teach, like our two exemplary governors.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross


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