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Letter: Blake Moore needs to bone up on budget process

Feb 1, 2023

Just read that our own Rep Moore has been appointed to the House Budge Committee. I hope he knows more about the budget process than he did 18 months ago.

In 2020 we were all encouraged to fill out the 2020 Census. The main reason for this was because the census was used to allocate dollars to local communities for such things as police, schools, infrastructure, hospitals, and many other programs.

I wrote the newly seated representative asking where, how, how much, and to whom these dollars were allocated and if the amounts stayed the same for the 10 years to the next census.

After a week or so I received a reply back from his staff that no answers could be provided concerning this census money, not even if it was true that money did go to the states based on the census count.

If Mr Moore’s main goal on the Budget Committee is concern for defense spending in regard to the national debt, I suggest he start with census count money and try to obtain a much better understanding of the budget process than he had 18 months ago.

JH Thompson



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