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Letter: Emile and Costello not worthy of judicial lenience

Feb 1, 2023

So now James Whitman wants Brenda Emile to be given a “chance to someday be paroled” so she can finally “experience a period of stability in her life.” After what she has done, she doesn’t deserve a chance to “better her life.” Little Angelina will never get a chance for a better life, she never had a good life before she was murdered. And Whitman wants Brenda Emile to now be looked at as a victim, she had a “very tumultuous” and “abusive childhood.” Then she fully understood what she was doing to her children or at least in front of them. There was definitely abuse to the older boy for what they made him do, but no information on the other child that I have seen, but witnessing it is more than any child should have to live with. There is no verification Brenda Emile was abused, just what she has told Whitman since 2018, and in previous reports in the Ogden Standard Examiner, her honesty could not be verified either.

I would like to see Brenda Emile and Miller Costello put on a deserted island, with a few packets of seeds and a fishing pole, with a pack of hungry wild dogs for the rest of their life. Then maybe they could experience some of the fear this baby went through.

It’s time excuses were no longer made for people who break the law, any law.

Ronna Bowcutt



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