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Letter: Why we fight SB 31 – It’s more than the flag question

Feb 4, 2023

Why are we focused on the flag bill when it seems meaningless in the long run?

It has great meaning. Not just the symbolism of the flag, but the method and procedures used to bring a solution to a problem where no problem existed. It’s to tell the legislature to stop wasting their time and our money on such things.

The 2019 tax reform was passed in a dark of night special session just before Christmas to help ensure its passage into law without the people realizing what was going on is a prime example.

Fortunately, there were a few watch dogs who caught them in the act and spoke out. The people in turn mounted a very successful referendum and stopped it.

Again a few so-called elites in the legislature are trying to force this flag change on the people.

We fight because the legislature needs to realize that people are watching and they can’t do these sort of things unchecked. They must realize when people like Kelly Miles and Steve Handy spearhead underhanded, inappropriate methods of forcing their will on the many, there will be consequences. That is why those two are no longer in the legislature.

We need those that remain to know that they cannot easily dupe the people into doing something wrong.

That is why we focus on these seemingly trivial, meaningless things. If we do not speak out, they will keep taking more until we no longer have a representative government, but a totalitarianism where elites place edicts the people must follow.

We must fight back now, or the fight will be much more destructive down the road.

Look at Venezuela now, the protests that they have, the turmoil and abuse that takes place there because the government has been allowed to take control of every facet of their lives.

That is why we fight, that we might maintain our rights and our freedoms to worship God and to serve him, and not the legislature in Salt Lake.

Jim Owens



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